Legal notice

Legal notice

On the use of our site

By connecting to Solus Advanced Materials’s Website (“this Website”) or using this Website including retrieving information through this site, users shall be subject to our regulations including this legal notice, the terms/conditions of use, and the personal information handling guidelines. Users will be deemed to have understood that they should observe all relevant laws and regulations and consented to such. If you do not consent to any of said regulations, please do not use this Website. We at Solus Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. may revise/update the information provided through this site without prior notice.

This Website or/and content provided through it shall be neither reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, distributed, or used in the creation of secondary works without our prior written consent. Note, however, that we provide users with a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use the information provided through this Website in the form of text, photo, voice, file, line, source code, etc. (“MATERIALS”), using their own computer, and use this Website for private, non-commercial purposes. Copyrights and property right-related notices concerning the MATERIALS downloaded without revising their content shall be maintained as they are. No MATERIALS obtained through this Website shall be transferred to a third party unless the third party accepts all responsibilities concerning the users’ use of this Website.

Copyrights to this Website and the MATERIALS posted on it are protected under the respective countries’ copyright law and international conventions. You shall consent not to reproduce/have someone else reproduce the MATERIALS illegally. In case of failure to observe said regulations, the rights provided to you with regard to the use of this Website shall be revoked immediately without notice, and you shall destroy all copies of the MATERIALS you downloaded and kept. We do not provide users with any right including patent right, copyright, or business information-related right unless we provide such right explicitly in these Terms and Conditions.


MATERIALS provided through this Website may contain wrong information or typo errors. We do not guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Neither do we guarantee the reliability of advice, opinions, statements, or other information posted/distributed on/through this Website. Such responsibility rests with you. We reserve the right to correct errors or omissions included in this Website solely at our discretion and change the content of the MATERIALS, programs, and services provided through this Website and their prices at any time without public notice.

Denial of responsibility

We are not in any way responsible for direct or indirect loss, special or resultant loss, or other loss (including, but not limited to, lost revenue, business stoppage, loss of information/program/data in an information processing system) occurring in the course of your use or failure to use the contents/materials/functions of this Website or websites linked to this Website, regardless of whether or not you have been explicitly informed of the possibility of such loss.

About Solus Advanced Materials

Solus Advanced Materials is an independent corporation, and each business affiliated with Solus Advanced Materials is also an independent corporation. Accordingly, any of these affiliates shall not provide service on behalf of Solus Advanced Materials. Solus Advanced Materials and each of these affiliates are not legally responsible for what each does unless such is specifically agreed upon between them in writing. As a user of this Website, I hereby agree that nothing in this Website shall be construed as an establishment of a legal relationship requiring joint and several liability between Solus Advanced Materials and any of its affiliates.

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