EHS Management Policy

        Policy of Environment, Safety and Health

        Solus Advanced Materials has established and is implementing the following EHS management policy to protect ourselves, our families, and society by establishing a safe and clean environment that complies with EHS laws.

        • 01 Operation of EHS management system

          We establish and effectively implement an EHS management system to minimize the impact of our business activities, products and services on EHS.

        • 02 Promote continuous EHS improvements

          ​​We continue to improve EHS to prevent environmental pollution and reduce risks through identifying environmental aspects, performing risk assessment, and developing EHS technology.

        • 03 Minimization of pollutant emissions and disaster prevention activities

          We minimize the use of energy and resources, reduce pollutant emissions through process improvement, and conduct disaster prevention activities.

        • 04 Legal Compliance

          We faithfully comply with domestic and international EHS laws and regulations, and company EHS guidelines.

        • 05 Open EHS management

          ​​We conduct regular education and training for all employees to comply with the EHS management system, disclose our EHS performance to stakeholders to make corporate activities transparent, and achieve corporate social responsibility.

        2024. 1. 1.

        Kim Tae Hyung, CEO

        EHS Goals and Strategic Challenges

        Solus Advanced Materials pursues zero safety and environmental accidents based on a management policy that prioritizes the environment, health, and safety.


        Management Review

        We announced our commitment to environmental, safety and health management both internally and externally. Based on our management policy, we conduct annual management reviews as planned to ensure the suitability and effectiveness of environmental safety and health management.

        • 2. Legal Compliance Assessment

          Through compliance assessments, we continuously monitor any changes in the laws that may apply to our company, and respond proactively to issues related to EHS compliance.

        • 3. EHS Assessment by a Third Party

          We voluntarily contract with third-party external experts to assess our compliance with laws and regulations related to the environment, safety, and health, and continue to carry out improvement activities.

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