• Battery copper foil Production base positioned to
    respond to Europe and North
    American demand


    Volta Energy Solutions Europe Kft.
       Volta Energy Solutions Hungary Kft.


    - Volta Energy Solutions Canada Inc.

  • Copper foil Copper foil productionㆍsales in
    global markets including Europe,
    North America, and China


    Circuit Foil LuxembourgCFT* (North America)
    CFAPZH* (China)
    CFAPHK* (Hong Kong)
    CFAN Branch* (Canada )

    * CFT(Circuit Foil Trading Inc.) / CFAPZH(Circuit Foil Asia Pacific Zhangjiagang) / CFAPHK(Circuit Foil Asia Pacific Hong Kong) / CFAN(Circuit Foil d’ Amérique du Nord)

  • Electronic materials R&Dㆍproduction and sales of light
    emittingㆍnon-emitting electronic


    Solus Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
    (R&D and sales of light emitting∙ Research & Development (Bundang)• Manufacturing & Production (Iksan)
    • Manufacturing & Production (China)**
       Solus I-Tech Co., Ltd
    (Non-luminous electronic materials production)

    ** Solus Advanced Materials (Changshu) Co., Ltd.

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