Structure of the responsible department

        Operation of EHS Management Task Force

        Solus Advanced Materials has formed an EHS task force to establish a safety and environmental management system (ISO 14001/45001), and continues to develop this system.
        We are continuing to put our ESG management goals into practice by arranging ESG environmental personnel in the teams.

        Waste management activities

        Solus Advanced Materials legally transports and treats its own waste through the legal waste disposal system (All-baro System).
        In accordance with Article 38 of the Waste Control Act, we submit an annual report on waste generation and treatment to local governments, and the results of the treatment are as follows.

        The waste recycling rate at our domestic business site (Iksan) in 2023 is approximately 90%, and we are continuing our efforts to increase our recycling rate of waste organic solvents.
        In 2024, we will contribute to achieving a circular economy through continuous activities to improve our waste recycling.

        Win-win management for safety and health

        Solus Advanced Materials is creating expanded synergies through various collaborations with its resident partners. We will continue to control risks within the value chain, and increase our efforts and to build win-win relationships.

        • 1. Operation of safety and health council for contractors (research institute and factories)

          In accordance with Article 64 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, we operate a safety and health council that is held on a monthly basis.
          Through the council, we identify potential risk factors in our workplace from various perspectives, and carry out continuous improvement activities.

        • 2. Support for preparation of risk assessment sheet by contractors (Iksan Factory for U&M)

          We support the preparation of regular risk assessment sheets every year for managers of partner companies working at our business site in Iksan. The items eligible for support are regular risk assessment sheets pursuant to Article 36 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Through these activities, we proactively identify and address the safety and health issues of our partners, and support them in improving their capabilities.

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