Doosan Corporation Bio to introduce new phospholipid materials for food in preventive medicine at an international conference


Doosan Corporation Bio disclosed on June 28 that it sponsored the industry-academe symposium at the 2019 International Academic Conference by the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology held at Songdo Convensia in Incheon for three days beginning June 26 and introduced new functional phospholipid materials for food in preventive medicine.

The new materials introduced by Doosan Corporation Bio are DS-LPC10K -- which contains lysomega-3 phospholipids -- and DS-WPL40 and DS-MGD, which are rich in polar lipids of milk. The new materials can be used as functional ingredient of infant formula, snack for growing children, food for senior citizens, and functional food for skin health.

Prof. Papasani Subbaiah of the Illinois State University School of Medicine in Chicago presented the “Effects of Lysomega-3 Phospholipids on Brain and Retina Health” at the Symposium on the 28th. According to Prof. Subbaiah, lysomega-3 phospholipids can supply omega-3 fatty acids to the brain and retina through a carrier called Mfsd2a on the blood-brain barrier. The fish oil-based omega-3 fatty acids in the market have a relatively low rate of penetrating through the blood-brain barrier.

Prof. Lim Ji-young of the Department of Food and Nutrition at Kukmin University presented the “Health Benefits of Using Polar Lipids in Milk as Functional Nutrients or Raw Materials in Cosmetic Functional Foods.” Prof. Lim explained that the results of the study, which showed improved fat metabolism and intestinal bacteria in animals fed with polar lipids, indicated that milk-rich polar lipids like DS-WPL40 and DS-MGD could help improve skin health.

Doosan Corporation Bio is Doosan Corporation’s business unit dedicated to developing medical materials, functional foods, and cosmetic materials needed by the human body.

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