Doosan to enter the new business of battery foil, the core part of the battery for electric vehicles


Doosan disclosed that it is entering the battery foil business, which is expected to grow considerably as the demand for electric vehicles increases.

A battery foil is a thin copper film that covers the negative electrode of a secondary battery (a battery with semi-permanent life through recharging) and is a flowing path of electrons generated by a negative active material (material involved in the electrode reaction of the battery).

It is regarded as the core component of the battery for electric vehicles as it dissipates the heat generated internally to the outside and also helps maintain the shape of electrodes.

Doosan has continued the R&D of battery foil since it acquired the Luxembourg-based copper foil manufacturer Circuit Foil in 2014. As a result, it succeeded in designing and developing high-end battery foil products with high efficiency for integration and light weight to increase the navigating distance of electric vehicles.

With the forecast sharp increase in demand for battery foil as the core component of the battery for electric vehicles in Europe, Doosan is preparing for the construction of a plant on a 140,000 ㎡ lot in the Tatabánya Industrial Complex in Hungary. Scheduled for groundbreaking this year and completion of construction by the second half of 2019, the plant is expected to produce 50,000 tons of battery foils annually, which should be sufficient for 2.2 million electric vehicles. Doosan is discussing with global electric vehicle and battery manufacturers as well regarding the forging of strategic partnerships.

“The demand for batteries for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly as the conversion into smart, self-driving vehicles is accelerating as we enter the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and governments are promoting electric vehicles to solve the environmental problems. We plan to establish an early lead in Europe and expand the market to the United States and China,” a Doosan official revealed.

According to electric vehicle and battery market research firm SNE Research, the demand for battery foil is expected to increase 44% annually on average from 75,000 tons in 2018 to 975,000 tons by 2025, and the market size is forecast to grow 46% annually on average from 1 trillion won in 2018 to 14.3 trillion won in 2025.

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