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Solus Advanced Materials supplies natural bio materials in pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical based on innovative technology, and as a total solution provider in the Health & Beauty industry, we provide customized development manufacturing(CDM) service.

Business information

As the main product of its pharmaceutical materials line, purified egg yolk lecithin (DS-PL95E/DS-PL95EN) is a core raw material of pharmaceutical lipid transfusion agents. This pharmaceutical emulsifier is used most safely in the medical industry. Purified egg yolk lecithin is produced on a production line that satisfies the Korean GMP Regulations based on the company's technologies accumulated for over 30 years. It also satisfies the quality standards applied in the USA and China.

Soybean lecithin(DS-PC95S, DS-PC80, DS-Soya HPC90) is a high-purity pharmaceutical emulsifier produced by maximizing the purity of phosphatidylcholine (PC) among the lecithins contained in soybean using world-class refining and separation techniques. It is a highly efficient pharmaceutical raw material for the improvement of liver functions and lipolysis. A state-of-the art production line has been deployed for this product, laying the foundation for a great leap forward in China and other advanced markets.

DS-sodium oleate is a pharmaceutical ancillary raw material used as co-emulsifier. It helps in the emulsification of pharmaceutical lipid transfusion agents.


The safest pharmaceutical raw/ancillary materials
  • High purity phospholipid material with a purity of over 95%
  • Helps in the emulsification of pharmaceutical soybean oil in intravenous injection by having the hydrophobic material distributed evenly in water
World-class pharmaceutical product acknowledged by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • Listed as a World-class Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2008)
  • Non-substitutable pharmaceutical emulsifier
K-GMP certified by
the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS)
  • Ensuring excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control standards

Product applications

  • Fat Transfusion
  • Anesthetic
  • Polyene Phosphatidyl choline

Main Product

  • Phospholipids
    • Non-substitutable, naturally-derived pharmaceutical emulsifier
      • Applicable for intravenous lipids, anesthetic agents, Etc.
  • Phosphatidylcholine
    • Soybean-derived high purity pharmaceutical emulsifier
      • Pharmaceutical liposome precursors such as a drug delivery system (DDS)
    • Pharmaceutical raw material with effects of improving liver function and lipolysis.
  • Sodium Oleate
    • Co-emulsifier that maximizes emulsification

Manufacturing process

1. Warehousing of raw materials
Warehousing of natural raw materials
2. Extraction
Process of acquiring lecithin by dissolving natural raw materials in an organic solvent
3. Crystallization
Process of eliminating foreign substances additionally by adding organic solvent to the concentrate and using high-speed cutting machine
4. Inspection & Shipping
The process of packing and shipping after inspecting the quality of supplementary medicinal materials.

Product classification

Product classification & Efficacy
Product Name Ingredient Name Efficacy Spec Type
DS-PL95 Series
  • DS-PL95E
  • DS-PL95EN
Refined egg yolk lecithin Pharmaceutical emulsifiers Phospholipids ≥ 95% Powder
DS-SODIUM OLEATE Sodium oleate Emulsifier Oleic Acid ≥ 60% Powder
  • DS-PC95S
  • DS-Soya PC80
Soybean lecithin(Phosphatidylcholine) Pharmaceutical emulsifiers
Formation of liposome source
Improvement of liver functions
Phosphatidylcholine ≥ 95%
Phosphatidylcholine : 73% ~ 79%

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